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Bucureştiul filmat de la înălţime

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Bucureştiul filmat de la înălţime



“Spartanul” – românul din trupele SWAT – Las Vegas

10 Most Attractive Female Armed Forces

Romania has topped the list of most attractive armed forces.

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Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations (România)

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Wild Carpathia 3

Evolution of Romanian Music

Diversity Visa Lottery – DV-2015

The Diversity Visa Lottery offers 50,000 green cards annually to applicants from all counties with exception counties that are excluded due the fact they’ve sent over 50,000 legal immigrants to the US for the past five years.

The application period for DV 2015 will open October 1st 2013, and ends on November 2nd. There is no fee to apply for the lottery, and participants will have to register through . The application process is fairly easy, and individuals should not be tricked into thinking they need to pay a fee to have their application processed.

Romania is one of the eligible counties who can participate in the DV 2015 lottery program. The instructions are also available in Romanian.

If you are wondering what are the chances to win the visa lottery you might find the DV-2009 statistics useful.  The Department of State received over 9.1 million qualified entries for DV-2009. Of all the entries, there were 99,600 applications selected and notified by mail to make an application for one of the 50,000 available visas.

A good resource for the Romanian applicants is the Forumul Loteristilor.


Corneliu Porumboiu – 20 Directors to Watch (NY Times)

This is a list of 20 filmmakers to watch. Filmmakers around the world are making movies that blur the boundaries between documentary and fiction, personal reflection and social advocacy, conventional narrative and radical experimentation.

Corneliu Porumboiu grew up in Vaslui, a small city in Moldavia. His new film, “Evening Falls in Bucharest,” is at the New York Film Festival this fall, and his work will be the centerpiece of the Making Waves festival of Romanian film at Lincoln Center in December.

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Romania was the first country in the world with an oil production (1857)

Romania was the first country in the world with a petroleum production officially registered in the international statistics. „The Science of Petroleum” certifies in 1938 the fact that Romania was the first country in the world with an oil production of 275 tones officially registered in the international statistics (1857). It was followed by the United States in 1859, Italy in 1860, Canada in 1862 and Russia in 1863.


Bucharest, the world’s first city public illuminated with kerosene. 1-st April 1857 - Bucharest – illuminated with 1000 street lamps



Walking in Romania – Carpathian Mountains


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